19.7/ 50cm tall large hand-painted Limoges France vase, 1890-1932

I have for your consideration a spectacular Limoges France Hand Painted Porcelain Vase with amazing hand-painted decor of a dancing girl. According to the style of painting, I speculate that probably it’s after the work of William Clarke Wontner 17 January 1857 – 23 September 1930 , who was an English portrait painter steeped in […]

Traditional 28 tall Pair of Hand Painted Adoring Angel Statues (Church supply)

A PAIR OF HAND PAINTED 28TALL – ADORING ANGELS WITH HEADS DOWN. This is a traditional pair of “Adoring Angels” as shown with heads down. We also have this set with heads facing up. Perfect for placing on a high altar, in a shrine area or either side of the tabernacle. One of the nicest […]