New Grannas A. Olsons Swedish hand painted wood Dala Horse 25cm, 9.8tall

Olsons Swedish hand painted Traditional wood Dala Horse 25cm or 9.8 inches , weighs 3.75 lbs Condition is “New”. The story of the Dala Horse , after the block has been cut out using a bandsaw the entire process is done by hand. A great deal of the work is done at home by about […]

Exquisite tall Harrach Josephinenhutte Art Nouveau hand painted Rare vase

Exquisitely tall beautiful pink (Rosa) corset vase, hand painted, antique Art Nouveau vase. 11 6/8 inches tall or 29.8cm. Simply breathtaking and in amazing condition for its age! I tried to capture its presence in my photos but still fell short. It definitely stands out in a display. I take great pride in packing the […]