Elegant Antique 12 1/2 Tall Hand Painted Green Bristol Glass Vases

Elegant antique hand painted green Bristol Glass vases features blue ferns with gold enamel accents along with blue and white leaves alternated with heavy gold limbs and soft white vines in the back. The top border displays matching leaves and gold enamel with gold trim on top rim, mid section and bottom edge. In very […]

Elegant Hand-Painted 19th C. Antique French Porcelain Vase 10.5 tall

Standing at 10.5″ tall and 14″ at its widest, this elegant hand-painted 19th C. Antique French porcelain vase with gold leaf. As you can see, the gold leaf has worn in some places and handle has been repaired over the years. Functional glazed decorated home decor accessory for flowers. Decoration in house or garden. Spectacular […]