Tiffany & Co. 13 3/4 Tall Hand Painted Hexagon Vase Made In France

Beautiful Vintage Tiffany & Co. Large vase , Hand Painted in France For Tiffany & Co. But Rare & Unique, The nice Detailed vase has an amazing colorful design the vase. This is a very unusual piece with a lot of detail & balance throughout. The colors are very bright. The tall vase features Universal […]

TIFFANY Favrile 10 of Old Gold Beauty # 1511 Beauty Tall & flawless 1890 RARE

According to Louis Comfort Tiffany. Favrile glass is distinguished by brilliant or deeply toned colors, usually iridescent like the wings of certain American butterflies. The necks of pigeons and peacocks, the wing covers of various beetles. ThIs LCT-Tiffany Art Glass piece has been in our collection for years, IS very rare and only seen in […]