Vintage Santos Style Cage Doll 24 Tall Carved Wood Hand Painted Folk Art

Vintage Style Santos Cage Doll 24 Tall. Lovely cage doll is definitely vintage but looks like it was made to look antique. I say santos style since the arms are not articulated the way santos dolls are made. Is still a lovely hand made doll and excellent display piece home decor accent. 24″ Tall x […]

8.5 Tall Russian Fairy Tale Firebird Nesting DOLL Hand Carved Hand Painted

Russian nesting doll (stacking doll) or Matryoshka doll is a set of dolls decreasing in sizes placed one inside another. The word ma-tr-o-sh-ka is related to the old Russian word mat , meaning mother. A lot of Russian artists love to paint their favorite fairy tales personages on the doll. We present a limited edition […]

RUSSIAN Costume Hand Painted Porcelain Doll Real Mink Hat + Neck Cover 16 Tall

RUSSIAN Costume Hand Painted Porcelain Doll Real Mink Hat and Neck Cover 16 Tall. Head, Hands, and feet real porcelain. Red Velvet Dress with brocade. Comes with an adjustable stand. White lacy slip under dress. Pre Owned very nice. This Russian Doll is so very beautiful looking, and the exquisite details of the painting on […]