Foo Lion’s Qing Dynasty Period Large 48 Tall Pair Yin And Yang 19 C

VERY LARGE RARE PAIR ANTIQUE DECORATIVE CHINESE WOODEN GUARDIAN FOO LIONS. They were inside the front entrance protected from the elements. However they may at one time sat outside under a roof extended overhang which would explain their tarnished appearance, from moisture and change in seasons and age etc. The paint is original and worn. […]

Antique Tang Dynasty Style Horse Statue Sculpture 18.5 tall OLD

Antique vintage Rare Black Tang Dynasty Style Horse. Materials are earthenware and sancai glaze. Decorations (saddle, reins, flowers, ears, etc) are applied and sculpture was cast in sections and molded together. Another rare feature of this horse is that it’s ears are back while most are up or forward. I removed the paint and found […]

2m VERY TALL Song Dynasty Old Wood Guan Yin Statue Chinese Antique Carving #950

This guan yin was stored in an outdoor temple in the past. There are natural ageing marks on the statue. Very rare to find large wood guan yin statue in the market. Measurements: Height 203cm (79.9in) Width 124cm75cm (48.8in29.5in). A beautiful addition to your collection! This item does not take return. All the measurements are […]